NPA Allied Industry Member of the Year Award

To find out which of the companies listed below wins the NPA Allied Industry Member of the Year Award in 2023, book your ticket to the National Pig Awards taking place this November, in London.

A-One Feed Supplements

A-One Feed Supplements specialises in young animal nutrition for the livestock industry.  
Over 48 years, the business has built an enviable reputation for quality and service.
Founded in the UK and now with a business in Denmark, A-One aims to deliver value for money without compromise, using the latest technology available.  
For the pig sector, consistently high-quality and high-performance diets have become its trademark. The composition of its range of piglet diets has been fine-tuned to match the changing needs of the piglet as it grows, to help producers maximise the potential of their herd.
A-One consistently helps its customers meet industry challenges. This includes most recently the launch of their zinc-free Response range of diets.

Ceva Animal Health
There are six members of the Ceva Swine UK team, each contributing to the technical support service offered to vets and producers in the pig industry.
The team support numerous pig industry events, including being Principal Sponsor at the Pigs Tomorrow conferences, and sponsoring all pig discussion groups across the country and all NPA regional meetings.
Members of the team also enjoy being part of industry groups, with Eduardo Velazquez being the pharmaceutical representative for NPA PIG and Christina Gale an active member of the YNPA.
The launch of Forceris has been a great success for producers and the Ceva Lung Program is a valuable support service available to producers which provides beneficial insights to respiratory health on farm.

The team are proud to be able to support producers and vets with a wide range of products and services and look forward to continuing to do so in the future.

Eco Animal Health
ECO Animal Health specialises in high quality medicines for the treatment of important diseases across the various livestock sectors, aiming to promote animal well-being and sustainable productivity.
With multiple global offices and sales in more than 70 countries, it is a leader in the development, registration and marketing of pharmaceutical products for global animal health markets. It is committed to providing its customers with products of a consistently high quality supported by customer-focused teams.
For pigs in the UK, its products treat and prevent major swine respiratory and enteric diseases, and treat important parasites affecting UK pigs.

Quality Equipment
Quality Equipment prides itself on offering a full range of services that make up a bespoke project on a pig farm.
The equipment division of GE Baker UK Ltd, the Suffolk-based company has progressed from providing everyday items of pig equipment, such as drinkers, feeders, gates, posts, and farrowing crates, to completing construction projects from the ground up. This includes new buildings, refurbishment, and conversion of existing buildings and fully kitting them
It will assist in the design and configuration of the project with its expert advice and dedicated construction division carrying out the groundwork, building and finishing of the site.
It manufactures its quality equipment in its on-site steel and plastic workshop.

Thames Valley Cambac
TVC is the UK’s largest national pig marketing organisation, marketing around 3 million pigs in 2022.
With an experienced team and an enviable track record in pig marketing and supply chain management, TVC’s aim is to realise maximum returns for producers at the same time as providing processors with an efficient and reliable service through mutual partnerships, utilising a highly disciplined chain.
The company began marketing pigs in 1975 in the Thames Valley basin in Oxfordshire, and, over the years, has expanded through the South and Southwest of England, based on sound and effective customer service to pig farmers. As a result of strategic acquisitions and organic growth over the last 10 years, the company has grown to cover the UK. More recently, especially through the most difficult two years for producers, TVC has provided significant support to its members.