Chris Brant Award

Chris Brant Award to honour the ‘grassroots heroes

The NPA Chris Brant Award, named after producer and pig industry activist Chris Brant, will once again be presented on the night. All entries are nominated by industry peers and judged by pig producers and members of the allied industries. The award continues to grow in stature – 2019 saw a record number of entries, with the usual high quality nominations. Another very worthy winner will be unveiled at this year’s National Pig Awards.

Richard Longthorp, the award sponsor and a previous winner, himself, said the award recognised ‘the industry’s honest-to-goodness grassroots heroes’. It dates back to 1999 when it was presented to Chris, who died in July 2009, and John Cusson at the People in Pigs event, in East Yorkshire. “Chris Brant was hard-working, blunt, rambunctious, a talented pig producer and as straight as a gun barrel. And he never, ever, failed to step up to the mark when his industry needed him,” Richard said. In memory of the man, the award’s guiding principles state: “The Chris Brant Award is not about doing your paid job well, or even about doing it very well, it’s about consistently going the extra mile on behalf of the industry, without thought of personal reward.” 

2020 Winner, Zoe Davies

NPA chief executive Zoe Davies has won the 2020 Chris Brant Award (CBA) in recognition of the ‘massive contribution’ she continues to make to the British pig industry.

This year, Zoe and her small NPA team have dealt with a whole of issues of huge significance to the pig sector, including COVID-19, EU Exit, the fall out and risk to UK pigs from the continuing global spread of ASF, Defra’s new Welfare Code and various environmental issues.

The award, won last year by Wayland Farms’ Colin Stone, is named after the late pig farmer Chris Brant and recognises those who go the extra mile for the UK pig sector. Zoe, who was part of special joint NPA team award in 2016, was announced as the well-deserved 2020 winner by award sponsor and former NPA chairman Richard Longthorp during the National Pig Awards event, broadcast online on Monday 18th November.

In his citation, Richard said the judges always consider certain criteria, including service to the UK pig industry, the impact nominees have over a sustained period of time on the financial and physical resilience of the industry and how big a gap would be left if they were no longer there.

He added: “Well after much discussion and deliberation, one of the judges summed it all up very nicely: “Fulfilling all the criteria, the most important for me is this. Without any exaggeration, there is one person whose absence would have a major, major impact on my business and the UK Pig Industry.” “So, there you have it a joint recipient of a special award for services to the pig industry some years ago, now deservedly recognised in their own right for their massive contribution to the UK Pig Industry

That judge concluded – and others wholeheartedly agreed:

What that woman has done and continues to do for the industry, on – let’s face it – a shoestring of a budget, is absolutely immense.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please charge your glasses or teacups or whatever you are drinking at this time of day and drink a toast to “That Woman”, Chief Executive of the National Pig Association, Zoe Davies.”

Chris Brand Award Recent Winners

2019 Colin Stone

2018 Rita Wells

2017 Sam Walton

2016 Richard Lister

2016 NPA team – Special Award

2015 Jimmy Butler

2014 Digby Scott

2013 Jonathan French

2012 Peter Crichton

2011 Nick White

2011 Digby and Ann Scott – Special Award

2010 Nigel Penlington

2009 Hugh Crabtree

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