The Shortlist

Congratulations to the National Pig Awards’ 2023 finalists! Below you can see all who are in the running to be a winner…

To see the winners announced live at the awards ceremony in November, CLICK HERE to book your ticket. 


D & C Murrell

MP & PM Howland

White Rose Farms, Willow Tree Farm


Allen Farms (Coddington)

Dyer Livestock

Plumpton College

31137 LG_ForFarmersHendrix_DEF

Allen Farms (Coddington)

Bridge House Farm

Harper Adams University 

Ceva Logo

Horton Farms

EIP / Pig Regen (NI)

North Farm Livestock 


JM and MA Thompson & Sons / TFM Butchers

Porcus People

31137 LG_ForFarmersHendrix_DEF

Dyer Livestock

Horton Farms 

Stockperson of the Year

£500 prize money

co op sponsor 2

Antony Knight | Bridge House Farm

Christopher Chaney | North Farm Livestock 

Lizzy Murrell | D & C Murrell



Lincolnshire Pork Co. 

West End Farm

Trainee of the Year

£500 prize money

Emma Claxton | ME Claxton & Sons

Rebecca Marshall | Bridge House Farm

Toni Bagguley | ASD Farming

Fred Allen | Allen Farms (Coddington)

James Ross | FL Pigs

Simon Craig | White Rose Farms, Willow Tree Farm


Dimitris Kasoumis | BQP Veterinary Services

Sam Northing | Evolve Pig Health, Avivets

Tom Hill | The George Veterinary Group


George Taylor | Walton Pigs

Lizzy Murrell | D & C Murrell

Oliver Killgallon | White Rose Farms, Brambles Farm 

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